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Office Procedures & Point of Care Tests/Investigations

S No Department Office Procedures /Point of care tests / Investigations
1 Dentistry Dental X-Ray
Biopsy to detect Oral cancer & Pre-cancer
Primary dental care  services at Katju clinic services
Oral cancer prevention clinic
Oral health promotion & education programme
Minor oral surgeries
Tooth extraction
Removal prosthodontics
Oral Prophylaxis
Restoration of caries tooth
2 Dermatology, STD & Leprosy Slit skin smear
Tzcank smear
Skin Biopsy
Cyst removal & Tumor excision
Scar division
Pairing for corn
Intralesional injection
Chemical Peeling
TCA application
3 General Medicine ECG  (Rs 20)
TMT (Rs 425)
Point of Care Cardiac Troponin T (Rs 500)
Point of Care Lipid profile (Rs 75)
Point of Care Blood sugar (Rs 10)
Point of Care HbA1c  (Rs 25)
4 General Surgery Proctoscopy
Intralesional Injection of steroid in Hypertrophic scar
Seton (Kshar-sutra) for Fistula in ano
Excision of cyst & small tumors
Primary wound management & repair
5 Neurology Nerve conduction studies
Evoked potential studies (VEP, BAER)
Repeated nerve stimulation test
Nerve Biopsy
Muscular biopsy
Short term Video EEG
6 Obstetrics & Gynaecology IUI
Office endometrial Biopsy
Pap smear
VIA (Visual Inspection with Acetic acid)
Urine Pregnancy test
7 Orthopaedics Joint aspiration
8 Otorhinolaryngology Diagnostic Nasal Endoscopy 
Tele laryngoscopy
Fibre optic laryngoscopy
Audiometry (Basic)
Speech Analysis & Speech Therapy
Evaluation and Auditory Verbal Therapy (AVT) of Cochlear Implantees
Communication issues of Autistic children
9 Paediatrics Suprapubic aspiration
Gastric aspiration
Random Blood Sugar
Developmental assesment
Neuro-motor assessment
10 PMR Heat modality
Traction modality
Manual passive exercises
11 Psychiatry IQ assesment
Neuropsychological assesment
Personality assesment
Projective testing
12 Pulmonary Medicine & TB PFT
Pleural Tap

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